Stonemason hammer, LUX

Metal part forged, grinded, polished and furnace painted. Induction hardened working parts. Ash handle, varnished. Handle fitting protected by wooden wedge and metal sleeve.

M3063 360mm 1000g 1,15kg 5906372853150 10pcs
M3073 380mm 1500g 1,67kg 5906372853167 6pcs
M3083 400mm 2000g 2,17kg 5906372853174 6pcs
M3093 600mm 3000g 3,2kg 5906372853181  






M3103 700mm 4000g 4,3kg 5906372853198
M3113 800mm 5000g 5,4kg 5906372853204
M3123 800mm 6000g 6,4kg 5906372853211
M3133 900mm 8000g 8,5kg 5906372853228
M3143 900mm 10000g 10,5kg 5906372853235
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