Angled ring spanner

Made from chrome vanadium Steel 31 CRV3. Anti Slip panel, firm grip even with oily hands. Double layer chrome plated, satin finish. Hardened and tempered. Confirms do DIN 838. 

C0048 6x7mm 175mm 55g 5906372850692 10pcs
C0049 8x9mm 185mm 70g 5906372850708 10pcs
C0050 10x11mm 198mm 90g 5906372850715 10pcs
C0051 12x13mm 215mm 115g 5906372850722 10pcs
C0052 14x15mm 228mm 150g 5906372850739 10pcs
C0053 13x17mm 246mm 185g 5906372850746 10pcs
C0054 16x17mm 246mm 190g 5906372850753 10pcs
C0055 17x19mm 268mm 235g 5906372850760 10pcs
C0056 18x19mm 268mm 235g 5906372850777 10pcs
C0057 19x22mm 292mm 315g 5906372850784 5pcs
C0058 20x22mm 292mm 315g 5906372850791 5pcs
C0059 21x23mm 315mm 350g 5906372850807 5pcs
C0060 24x27mm 328mm 420g 5906372850814 5pcs
C0061 25x28mm 342mm 500g 5906372850821 5pcs
C0062 30x32mm 370mm 630g 5906372850838 5pcs