We have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing hand tools and for the last 20 years we have also been making drop forgings for various industries. Our top priority is quality and customer satisfaction, and this is why we have an advanced tool shop, modern induction heaters, LASCO and MPM forging hammers, which allow us to achieve a superb product quality and repeatable production. We made our forgings based on technical drawings or patterns. A pattern significantly speeds up the order execution time, which in this case takes no longer than 4 weeks. We employ 100 people in Poland and we have a second plant in Ukraine with 50 employees. We forge forgings in Poland and Ukraine.

• we make raw forgings up to the weight of: 10 kg
• maximum forging dimensions: 150 mm wide x 250 mm long
• we perform heat treatment of forgings
• shot blasting
• calibration
• corrosion protection
• we handle each product individually

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