Double open end spanner

Made from chrome vanadium Steel 31 CRV3. Anti Slip panel, firm grip even with oily hands. Double layer chrome plated, satin finish. Hardened and tempered. Confirms do DIN 3110.

C0029 6x7mm 126mm 25g 5906372850500 10pcs
C0030 8x9mm 142mm 35g 5906372850517 10pcs
C0031 10x11mm 157mm 50g 5906372850524 10pcs
C0032 12x13mm 170mm 70g 5906372850531 10pcs
C0033 14x15mm 187mm 95g 5906372850548 10pcs
C0034 13x17mm 202mm 110g 5906372850555 10pcs
C0035 16x17mm 202mm 120g 5906372850562 10pcs
C0036 17x19mm 220mm 170g 5906372850579 10pcs
C0037 18x19mm 220mm 170g 5906372850586 10pcs
C0038 19x22mm 232mm 210g 5906372850593 5pcs
C0039 20x22mm 232mm 210g 5906372850609 5pcs
C0040 21x23mm 246mm 280g 5906372850616 5pcs
C0041 24x27mm 265mm 330g 5906372850623 5pcs
C0042 25x28mm 275mm 380g 5906372850630 5pcs
C0043 30x32mm 298mm 480g 5906372850647 5pcs
C0044 36x41mm 358mm 800g 5906372850654 5pcs
C0045 41x46mm 410mm 1200g 5906372850661 5pcs