Ring-end spanner

Made from chrome vanadium Steel 31 CRV3. Anti Slip panel, firm grip even with oily hands. Double layer chrome plated, satin finish. Hardened and tempered. Confirms do DIN 3113 A.

C0001 6mm 100mm 20g 5906372856403 10pcs
C0002 7mm 110mm 25g 5906372856410 10pcs
C0025 8mm 115mm 30g 5906372856793 10pcs
C0003 9mm 125mm 35g 5906372856427 10pcs
C0004 10mm 135mm 40g 5906372856434 10pcs
C0005 11mm 145mm 45g 5906372856441 10pcs
C0006 12mm 155mm 60g 5906372856458 10pcs
C0007 13mm 165mm 70g 5906372856465 10pcs
C0008 14mm 171mm 85g 5906372856472 10pcs
C0009 15mm 185mm 95g 5906372856489 10pcs
C0010 16mm 195mm 115g 5906372856496 10pcs
C0011 17mm 210mm 135g 5906372856502 10pcs
C0012 18mm 220mm 155g 5906372856519 10pcs
C0013 19mm 230mm 165g 5906372856526 10pcs
C0026 20mm 240mm 185g 5906372856809 5pcs
C0014 21mm 245mm 210g 5906372856533 5pcs
C0015 22mm 248mm 220g 5906372856540 5pcs
C0065 23mm 260mm 245g 5906372850890 5pcs
C0016 24mm 270mm 280g 5906372856557 5pcs
C0027 25mm 282mm 295g 5906372856816 5pcs
C0066 26mm 290mm 320g 5906372850906 5pcs
C0017 27mm 300mm 380g 5906372856564 5pcs
C0067 28mm 310mm 410g 5906372850913 5pcs
C0068 29mm 330mm 460g 5906372850920 5pcs
C0018 30mm 330mm 490g 5906372856571 5pcs
C0019 32mm 350mm 600g 5906372856588 5pcs
C0028 36mm 400mm 850g 5906372856823 5pcs