JUCO relies on the family blacksmithing traditions.
It was established in 1958 by Józef Światłoń. Later on, the Company was taken over by his sons, Janusz and Wiesław. Dynamic development of the Company commenced in the late 1980s and has lasted until present. It was then where we commenced production of several dozen types of manual tools. Having applied the best technology, we manufacture over 600 professionally made products in various versions. Meeting the needs of our customers, we have created three versions of tools: traditional, standard, lux. Traditional products are manufactured according to old technologies, of very good quality and at the lowest pricing interval. These are products for customers interested in high quality and traditional aesthetics. Products marked as LUX often exceed the quality of many renowned companies, while at the same time offer attractive prices. These are electrical, maintenance and building tools. All these tools have obtained quality certificate.
In 2003, we opened a manufacturing plant in Ukraine. Products manufactured in Kiev are sold at the local market. In total, in two plants, we employ 160 staff. The Company has very good manufacturing and warehousing facilities, as well as means of transport to distribute our products. The application of state-of-the-art technologies at our Company (several induction heaters, LASCO forging hammers, numerical machining devices, CNC processing centres, heat processing equipment) has allowed for increasing our efficiency and quality of our products, as well as their repeatability.
In 2010, in response to many requests for proposals from our contractors, we started producing building joints and many other forgings. In this way, the manufacturing base has been extended with new products.
By gathering experience and improving our skills, we gain increasingly more recognition in Poland and abroad. The quality and attractiveness of our products has already been appreciated by customers in Poland, and on the Eastern and Western European markets. By presenting you the information contained in this catalogue, we make sure that the execution of your orders and meeting your needs will be done in a professional manner, resulting in mutual satisfaction, which will  contribute to your purchase of our tools and encourage our further cooperation. We ask you to use the tools contained in this catalogue according to their purpose, applying all the safety measures in order to protect your life and health against accidents.
Use the opportunities offered by JUCO.